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E-Statements FAQ's


What is an E-Statement?

An E-statement is your monthly account statement which can be viewed on-line, using The Trust Bank Internet Banking.  It is no different than your account statement that comes to you via U. S. Mail.  The only difference is that you control when you receive the statement and you don't have to worry about it getting lost in the mail.


How do I get my E-Statement?

To view your E-statement, you must have a User ID and Password for The Trust Bank Internet Banking & Bill Pay system.  If you do not have access to Internet Banking & Bill Pay, simply fill out an application and submit it to The Trust Bank.


What are the benefits of E-Statements?

Some of the benefits of E-Statements are:

þ    Convenient. Review your statements and canceled checks online at anytime—day or night.

þ    Fast. E-Statements can be accessed days before a paper statement would arrive in the mail. 

þ    Efficient. E-Statements contain the same information as a traditional paper statement.

þ    Secure. Reduce the risk of statements being lost or stolen in the mail. 

þ    Safe. Your E-Statement is protected by the latest security measures. 

þ    Environmentally Friendly. Stay clutter free and conserve resources (paper) by accessing your statement online. 

þ    Cost Effective. E-Statements help lower the bank’s cost of providing services. The money saved is returned to you in the form of increased benefits. 

þ    Free. There is no charge for E-Statements service. 


When are E-Statements made available on-line for viewing?

E-Statements are made available the last business day of the month after the bank has completed its daily update and the monthly account statements have been cycled.  


Is there a fee for E-Statements?

As with our Internet Banking & Bill Pay service, there is no charge.  We provide your E-Statement to you free of charge.


How many E-Statements are available for me to view on-line?

You will be able to view the last 12 months worth of your bank statements for any Trust Bank account an any given time. 


What accounts will have E-Statements for me to view?

Any account that you currently receive a monthly account statement for will have E-Statements available on-line.


What if I sign up for E-Statements and decide I'd rather receive my monthly statement via U. S. Mail?

If you decide at anytime that you would rather receive your account statement via U. S. Mail, all you need to do is inform the bank of your decision in writing. The next month you will receive your account statement via U. S. Mail.




Download the E-Statement Sign-Up Form Here:



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